Student Housing Application

These apartments require that you are a undergraduate or graduate student.



Rental History

If YES, please complete the following (include any previous rentals with Magers Properties if applicable):

Reference One

Reference Two


Emergency Contact


I represent that the information set forth above in this application is true, complete and correct. I understand that you and others are relying on these representations in connection with leasing property to me. By signing below I authorize you to check my credit and employment history, and to answer any questions others may ask you about my credit history with you.

Parent Guarantor

FOR AND IN CONSIDERATION of the mutual promises and covenants set forth in the Lease Agreement, and to induce the LANDLORD to enter into the Lease Agreement of the above-described premises with the TENANTS, the undersigned (Guarantor) hereby guarantees to LANDLORD, its successors and assigns, the payment by TENANTS of any and all rental payments (and all other charges and fees) to be paid by TENANTS to LANDLORD as provided in the Lease Agreement, and further guarantees the performance of all other terms, covenants, conditions and obligations set forth in the Lease Agreement on the part of TENANTS to be performed. Notice of all defaults is waived and consent is hereby given to all extensions of time that LANDLORD may grant to TENANTS. This Guaranty shall apply not only to the original or base term of this Lease Agreement, but to any extended or continued occupancy thereafter.